What's Next?

While writing my grad school applications, many blog entries have been percolating. Which of these would you be most interested in reading next?
  1. How psych & neuroscience researchers contribute to the stigma against autism and other disorders, and what can be done about it
  2. My take on the divisiveness in the autism community.
  3. Why social skills are probably not what we think they are, and why this will please and irritate both neurodiversity advocates and their opponents.
  4. What does it mean that checklists of gifted traits read like the positive interpretations of ADHD or ASD traits?  Are they the same traits interpreted through a different lens? Are these just the same behavior occurring for different reasons? What does it imply for diagnostic validity for all of these categories?  And why are there so few empirical studies on this (AFAIK)?
  5. Diagnostic validity: a recent study showed autism tests could reliably identify non-NT kids, but couldn't accurately distinguish kids with autism from those with other disabilities.  Studies continually show overlaps in genetics and symptoms between ASD and ADHD. What does it all mean?  How can researchers deal with this problem?
  6. The importance of good visual and auditory processing for school learning

(There's a few others in the pipeline, but these are the ones I find most interesting and easiest to write).

Feel free to discuss these topics, too--I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. They all sound interesting to me. Maybe start at the top and work your way down? Should keep the ol writers block at bay for a while.

  2. Thanks! All other things (mood, preoccupations of the day, etc.) being equal, I may just do that.