Posts I'm proud of (philosophy & terms I've coined)

What are talent and disability?
What if ability is the level of performance per unit of effort expended?

Cluster concepts and the problem of the fuzzy middle
Introduces the term "cluster concepts." "Giftedness," "introversion," and "extraversion" are all examples.

Why we reason badly about people with DSM diagnoses, but we should use these labels anyway

Why visual-spatial thinking isn't a thing
A real-life example of how cluster concepts can mislead us.

Thoughts on labels and the DSM
What makes a label valid, what makes a label useful, and why those aren't the same thing. Inspired by the removal of "Asperger's" from DSM-5.

Disabilities can be a matter of degree rather than kind
Some disabilities involve a greater degree of impairment in things that are hard for everyone.

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