Links to recent writing from my second home on the web

This past year, I've largely switched to using Medium, and have gotten behind in cross-posting here. Medium is cognitively accessible, with its clean, easy-to-read formatting. It's linked to Twitter, making it more active these days than Blogspot. I've always had more Twitter followers than regular blog readers, making Medium a better platform for me.

However, I can't bring myself to completely make the switch. Medium doesn't distinguish between real posts and comments on others' posts, calling them both "stories" and displaying them on the same page. That means real posts intended for a wide audience can be hidden from view behind comments that may not be. Plus, this blog has about ten years' worth of posts (!), too many to conveniently transfer to Medium.

While I decide how best to resolve the issue, here are the links to my recent Medium posts.

Maps in the Brain [Neuroscience for Dummies]
"The cortex has a surprisingly simple organizing principle...a 'topographic principle.'"

"Innovative methods and surprising findings from a new study of autistic youth with minimal speech."

"The history of curb cuts teaches us two important principles. 1. Technology designed for disabled people can help everyone... 2. When assistive technology becomes sufficiently ubiquitous and widely used, it is no longer considered assistive technology."

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back [Research Review, Advocacy]
"Researchers are starting to realize that 'regressive autism' is a myth based on poor methodology. The story tells us about the failings of autism research--and the complexity of human development."

"To improve one's physical abilities, one must find the middle ground between ease and pain. That's where yoga comes in...Perhaps flow is an evolutionary adaptation to make us seek out the 'sweet spot.'"

"Adults with disabilities often find it difficult to know how to push themselves because they have rarely been allowed to experience the sweet spot [of effort]."

Rumors of fMRI's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated [Neuroscience for Dummies, Research Review, Opinions]
"Software bugs and statistical problems still plague fMRI research, but don't spell doom for the field." 

Why Does Ableism Cause Harm? and Continuation [Advocacy, Opinions]
"Even with the best intentions, you can't help someone you view as less."

I have a number of posts planned for the new year, plus an update on some major life and career changes.

Happy holidays and new year to all!


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